Carlsbad, František´s spa, TepliceSpa, Marian´s Spa and more…we can arrange entrance + accommodation.

There are number of spa towns in the Czech Republic.

Feel the magic of ancient traditions, quality tried and tested over the years and high quality medical care for the body and mind. Modern medical facilities offer exclusive relaxation thanks to a combination of modern techniques and traditional, tried and tested knowledges!


Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary), city of healing springs , rich history and nice architecture and nature, lies in the valley of river Teplá. This town was found in 1350 by Czech king Karel IV.

Development of this town is connected with healing springs.

Since 19.century is water in Karlovy Vary´s springs is used to drinking cures.

City Karlovy Vary is an altitude 370m, climate is piedmont.

Best known hotel in Karlovy Vary is grand hotel Pupp, other hotels: Imperial, hotel Thermal.

Museums and galleries: Museum of Karlovy Vary, Jan Becher Museum, Art gallery, center Moser.

Healing resources:

about 100 resources different coverage is 12 resources is captured, temperature is 42°C – 72°C.

Most famous resource is Vřídlo- spouts up to 15 meters.

Mineral water and carbon dioxide and peat from site Krásno close to Karlovy Vary.

Treatment methods:

  • baths
  • heat treatments
  • massages
  • hydrotherapy
  • phyzioteraphy
  • therapeutic exercies
  • drinking cure



digestive tract diseases

metabolic diseases

musculoskeletal diseases


Frantiskovy´s bad (Františkovy Lázně):

World famous spa Františkovy Lázně is part of Spa set-square in West Czech.

Was found by Cheb´s citizen and doctor Bernhard Adler. Town Františkovy Lázně was built planned. The result is unique architectural and urban unit, where you can find parks in area 200ha.

Františkovy Lázně is an altituded 440m, in mild climate. Most famous hotels in Františkovy Lázně are Imperial, Tři Lilie, hotel Savoy for example.

Healing resources:

Using natural healing source, mineral water, climate, medical gases and mud baths.

Treatment methods:

  • carbonic baths
  • carbonic gas baths
  • gas injection
  • mud bath and wraps
  • bubble bath
  • whirlpool bath
  • hydrotherapy
  • massages ( classic, underwater, reflective)
  • therapeutic exercies
  • electrotherapy and magnethotherapy


  • heart disease and circulatory
  • musculoskeletal diseases
  • gynecological diseases

Marian´s Spa (Mariánské Lázně):

The youngest west czech Spa city Mariánské Lázně was founded in the beggining of 19.century, in valley, where bubble a lot of medical springs out.

In 1805 Dr. Jan Josef Nehr built at Křížový Pramen first brick house in Mariánské lázně for spa guests, called Zlatá Koule. Nice town with Empire houses, gazebos and pavillons with colonnades called Mariánské Lázně. 

Healing resources:

all springing springs are cold mineral water, their temperature varies about 7 and 10°C.

Treatment methods:

  • drinking cure
  • inhalation
  • mineral baths
  • additive baths
  • dry gas bath
  • gas injekce
  • peat wrap
  • peat bath
  • classic masage
  • reflexology masage
  • hydrotherapy, bubble bath, underwater masage
  • electrotherapy
  • paraffin wraps
  • relaxing exercise
  • oxygen therapy


  • musculoskeletal diseases
  • kidney and urinary tract diseases
  • respiratory tract diseases
  • female diseases
  • glands diseases and oncology diseases