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You can find really impressive outdoor climbing locations in Czech republic.

CLIMBING IN BOHEMIAN PARADISE (aprox. 90 km northeast from Prague):

Prachov Rocks

Prachovské Skály, located just under 100km Northeast of Prague, is another popular climbing location. Over 200 sandstone rock towers, combined with a rich climbing history, means that there are plenty of well-maintained routes for all levels. The unique sandstone rock formations are breathtaking even from ground level. The reward for climbing is worth every bead of sweat.

The gateway to the Czech Paradise – the best known sandstone rock town in Bohemia, situated between 350 – 450 metres above sea level. As the rocks are a typical example of sandstone rock towns, they were declared a natural state reservation in 1933. Apart from its natural marvels, it is rich in prehistoric and later artefacts such as archaeological finds, ancient graves, remains of ramparts, tumuli, etc.

The massive sandstone formations were created at the bottom of a chalk sea in the Mesozoic era. After the sea had retreated, these formations were saved from the waters with volcanic basalt peaks of Svinčice, Velká Hůra a Přivýšina.

The influence of rain, heat, cold and the wind gradually led to the formation of a great variety of shapes and forms in the soft sandstone. Due to their accessibility, the Prachov Rocks became popular with hikers as well as rock climbers, drawn by the fantastic climbing opportunities.

Hrubá Skála (Skalák)

The sandstone rock towns of Bohemian Paradise offers excellent conditions for rock climbing. The Hrubá Skála area, a wooded ridge between Hrubá Skála and Turnov with bizarre sandstone formations which create a rock town with more than 400 sandstone towers up to 55 m high and the renowned climbing areas of Maják, Kapelník and the Dragon Cliffs (Dračí skály), is of great interest to visitors.


ADRŠPACH ROCKS (aprox. 180 km northeast from Prague)

The Broumov Region and the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks area offer a number of activities. The region is famous for the perfect rock climbing conditions. Rock climbers are welcome to visit all six of the most sought-after climbing sites: Adršpach, Teplice Rock Town (Teplické skalní město), Křížový vrch (Peak of the Cross), Jirásek's Rocks (Jiráskovy skály), Ostaš and Broumov Walls (Broumovské stěny)..


BOHEMIAN SWITZERLAND (Cca 130 km north from Prague)    

      For many, the Mecca of outdoor climbing in the Czech Republic can be found in Hřensko, in the České Švýcarsko national park. Situated in the north of the Czech Republic, the wind-and-rain-battered sandstone has created dramatic rock formations which punch through the underlying greenery and offer excellent views across the national park. This area is also home to Europe’s largest natural bridge, Pravčická brána, which is worth a visit in between climbs.  

As early in the late 19th century, professor Karl Beck climbed the sandstone tower named “Fortress” or, after him, “Beckstein”, thus making the first climb in the territory of our country. Many things have changed since then, and the Elbe Sandstones, which is the term used for the wider territory of Bohemian Switzerland, have become an ideal place for sandstone rock climbing. The rock towers and massifs in Bohemian Switzerland offer the best conditions for this sport, and climbers have established an emotional bond with the area, as we can see from the poetic names of the individual rock formations such as Nun, Throne, Sugar Loaf...                                                                                                                         North of Ústí nad Labem, there are sandstone rock ranges Tisá, Rájec, Ostrov and Sněžník. In close surroundings there is an extensive area Elbe valley. Difficulty grades for climbing are displayed on sandstone qualification.