We can offer cheaper entrance fee in a „Beerspa“ all over the Czech republic, accommodation in hotel or wellness.

The Czech Republic is a country where beer is a national treasure. It’d be hard to find anybody in the entire country who would doubt that Czech beer is the best in the world.

The tradition of hop cultivation has a long history in the Czech Republic. Beer of the highest quality has been brewed here for centuries, and it has become deeply embedded in the national culture. It’s no coincidence that the Czech Republic has the world’s highest consumption of the amber nectar. Foreign tourists contribute greatly to this record; Czech “liquid bread” has become so popular with visitors that they couldn’t imagine a holiday in heart of Europe without tasting of beer. But did you know that, as well as tasting great, Czech beer also has healing qualities? Modern science has managed to determine its qualities perfectly and has discovered that beer evidantly boosts the organism’s endurance, benefits the vascular system, helps relax the muscles and harmonises body functions.




SPA BEER LAND  is located in the centre of Prague (Prague 1), a mere 400 meters from Wenceslaus Square and 150 meters from Charles Square.

Experience a classic Czech treatment based on the exclusive use of natural ingredients, materials and old medical procedures.

On your visit to Spa Beer Land you can:

try 2 rooms - the Beer Spa and Spa Beer Land

relax in original, handmade, oak tubs

draw and drink an unlimited amount of light and dark Krušovice beer

try the unique HOP SAUNA





Beer Spa is one of the most favourite kind of spa from Middle Ages. It is very old and unique spa therapy, where only natural materials are used such as hops, yeast and other natural substances, which are needed in beer production and by the form of beer bath has a beneficial effect to your body. In the beer bath is not used barley or barley malt brewing, so no need to worry about adverse allergic reactions. Part of Beer Spa procedure is also unlimited consumption of unpasteurized Beer Bernard during the whole time. This combination gives energy

Beer Bernard which is supplied to our Beer Spa is produced by the traditional way from the best variety of czech hops. Beer is not pasteurized, that´s the reason why it keeps its quality, taste and aroma.

Relaxation procedures in beer spa are divided in two parts. The first one is a bath in Beer Bath in original large tube for 2 persons, associated with UNLIMITED beer Bernard consumption and second one is relaxation part. Both parts take together about 1 hour. In connection with massage beer treatments, then about an hour and a half.



The most popular drink, that beer is, in connection with the oldest method of therapy, in the historical centre of Prague are the best ingredients for your perfect relaxation.





As Czech beer is known the world over, the Czech Republic is also building a reputation for offering one of the best ways to relax- beer spas. Pioneering the beer spa culture, Chodovar is large brewery complex, located on the Western edge of the Czech Republic, in an area famous for its mineral water. Including Hotel U Sládka, Pravá Pivní Lázně, and two restaurants, Stará Sladovna and Ve Skále, Chodovar is an impressive complex in the charming, sleepy village of Chodová Planá in the Western hills of the Cheb region.

Physician’s view

Real Beer Baths are an original curative spa therapy combining remedial effects of warm mineral water, beer, ingredients for brewing beer, products of the brewing process and classical as well as special massages.


Real Beer Baths include:

additive baths

remedial packs


drinking cures

The aim of the baths involves harmonizing functions of the organism, mental rest, recondition and relaxation. The procedures have curative effects on the complexion and hair, relieve muscle tension, warm up joints and support immune system of the organism. For better rejuvenating results I recommend to accompany the original beer treatment with a partial massage aimed at problematic body parts or a full body massage reducing muscle tension.


MUDr. Roman Vokatý

specialist guarantor of the real Beer Baths

balneology, rehabilitation and physiatry specialist




Located in the absolute centre of Karlovy Vary, just 50metres from the main spring (Vřídlo).

Indulge yourself at the genuine BEER SPA and drink as much beer as you want!

THE FIRST KARLOVY VARY BEER SPA offers a unique spa procedure that is based on the use of exclusively natural raw materials and ingredients, as well as traditional old-Bohemian healing practices.

On your visit to the Beer Spa Carlsbad you can:

reserve the whole beer spa room just for yourself

relax in original, handmade, oak tubs

draw and drink an UNLIMITED AMOUNT of light and dark Krušovice beer






The Pilsen Beer Spa was built in the luxurious, yet cosy environment of Pivovarský dvůr Plzeň in cooperation with one of our leading architects.

The interior of our beer spa was designed by an acknowledged architect. Only natural and therefore hypo-allergenic materials were used, such as stone and carefully selected and worked wood. The general feeling of comfort is enhanced by cosy lighting, sounds of water running down the stone-tiled walls, discreet relaxation music and sounds of nature.

Its heart consists of five wooden bathtubs, made of high-grade larch wood, offering the capacity of six people (4 single and 1 double tubs).


****Hotel Sladovna, Cerna Hora (Gian Mountains)

Beer Spa and private whirlpool.

Beer spa is located in amazing historical part of hotel Sladovna with nice arches.



Beer spa therapy will bring you an unforgettable experience, regenerating your skin and rejuvenating both your body and mind.

During the 30 minute bath you will be served a glass of beer, which is naturally also unfiltered and non-pasteurised, ”curing and treating” you from inside.

 After the bath you will wrap yourself up in the sheet again and spend further 30 minutes in the relaxation room, covered in a blanket and sipping another glass of beer.

 After your rest you can finish and leave via the changing room, or else enhance the care of your body and enjoy the services of our masseuses.